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The knock off experience taught me that quality

christian dior knock off

Well, I had the misfortune of buying a ‘christian dior’ knock off recently and it was a terrible experience. I had been ogling this beautiful off the shoulder “Little Black Dress” forever and just had to get it. But it wasn’t in my budget so I opted for a knock off version instead.

I was so excited to finally own something that resembled it but my excitement soon died when the package arrived. Right away I could tell that it was a knock off. You could see the fraying threads and pilling fabrics. On top of that local store had the audacity to charge me double the amount for the knock off version. What a waste of money!

As I opened the package I realized that the dress wasn’t even close to the fabric, quality and stitching the original would have. It was made of inferior material and the stitching was really sloppy. I tried it on and it felt just like wearing a sack of potatoes. As much as I tried to make it work, the dress was totally unflattering and it made me look like a potato dumpling. I just wanted to rip it off! I was so embarrassed that I had to quickly rip off the tags and throw them in the bin.

So ladies, don’t be fooled by those knock-offs! It’s just not worth the money and you will be hugely disappointed in the end. Believe me, if you want to look amazing then it is worth taking that time to save up and buy the original. I surely learnt my lesson and next time I just won’t be compromising!

That is not the end of story, because besides just not looking right on me, I found out that knock offs can sometimes also be dangerous. They can contain toxins that can affect our health in the long run. Taking a risk with knock-offs is serious business and you don’t want to put yourself in danger just to save a few pennies, right?

And finally, knock offs are also affecting the original designer as he has the right to earn money from his creations. It’s a shame, but it happens all the time and really should be stopped. So if a knock off product looks too good to be true – beware! It usually is.

One thing that has stuck with me since then is to always go for quality when I’m shopping. It usually means forking out a little more but I think it pays off in the long run, knowing that you will be looking your best and your health won’t be in danger.

The knock off experience taught me that quality really counts and it is so true! I can totally vouch for it now. Whether it be a dress or a pair of shoes or any other item of clothing, always go for the original and never compromise on quality.

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So, yeah, that seems scary, but it not something I worried

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The fact that they only applicable to MMOs should be

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Custom patches are a great way to style the bottoms

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I would recommend that you talk to her in person or over email

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